Thursday, February 16, 2006

Two for Two

After my experience of last night I have been a little spooked. When I went to bed the threat of the night before was on my mind.
I settled in for a good night and did finally drift off.
I awoke as usual and it was really dark. There was absolutly no light in the room. Huh! It must be cloudy.

I lay there, looking around to see if the giant specter was lurking. It looks like I have cheated death again.

Lets get up and walk a bit and look out to see what the scarecrow is up to. Well! When I started to throw back the covers I realized that something was terribly wrong. Me, being right handed tried to use my right hand on the covers. Nothing! When I say nothing, I mean nothing happened. OK, OK I bet my hand and arm are asleep, that's it. Use the other arm dummy! Back go the covers. OH MY GOD! I only have one arm. Not only do I only have one arm, I only have one sleeve in my PJ's. One sleeve being neatly tucked in.

Now I am starting to sweat and immediately started to think about the possibilities.

I used to be a pirate and lost the arm in a sword fight and can't remember because of the cannon ball that hit me in the head. Get Real!

I have alzheimer's and only remember anything, part of the time. Yikes!

I was in a terrible accident and have been in a comma for who knows how long. Months, years, decades? OH MY GOD!

Oh come on get real, get a grip!

I lay there trying to figure out what to do. Well I better get a hold of this disability or I am done for.

But then the strangest thing happened. I thought I could feel my hand. I have heard about a person who lost a limb could still feel the missing part. No! I think this is real.
What's going one here?
I started to thrash around and found that the missing limb was not gone at all. Some how in my sleep I had pulled my arm and PJ sleeve inside my PJ's.

When I got the arm and PJ's figured out I decided that the visit from the spirit was not the worst thing that could happen.

Cheated death again!



Blogger Joy Eliz said...

Wow! you do just as much at night as you do durring the day!
FYI... Illustration Friday word is 'Song'

8:31 AM  

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