Friday, January 06, 2006

We was Robbed

This tale starts out ok, but turns sour in the end. We do however, come back to triumph.

Me and the Babe, hoping to get our ice cream fix, head down to the name brand shop. This is where the day went south. I ordered my favorite and the Babe ordered a root beer float with chocolate ice cream. They were out of my favorite and I had to substitute. Now this is where things really got bad. The Babe got her float. One scoop of ice cream in a cup of hot root beer. Well we should have walked right out, but NOOOO! We just sat right there and bitched an each other. We swore on the graves of our ancestors, never to return.

We just couldnt get over it so we came up with a plan. Half gallon of chocolate/ chocolate chip ice cream and a 6 pack of IBC root beer, that should be plenty. We then filled two huge mugs with all the ice cream and added 3 root beer's each. Now thats a root beer float!!!

Well, knowing that there would be no way to order this extravaganza we deceided to name it. We called it a Chocolate Root Beer Smoothie. We get some strange looks when we order. We just say fill it with ice cream and blend it with cold root beer.

Problem solved.



Blogger Joy Eliz said...

Bad deal on the Root-Beer-outing but how could anyone ever doubt you'd find a better way!

11:06 AM  

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