Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Gonna have to get some practice!!!

First item:
In the picture of me and crowgal I am not eating a piece of cheeeeeeese. I am in fact, doing my world famous impression of wallace.

Now having set that straight, here is the news of the day.

Crowgal has the flu! And from her troubled mind she sent me a message in the form of a dream. In this dream she said that all of the Harry Potter actors had their new line of cowboy boots with their likeness on the tops. She then went on to say that we needed to go and get her some. Well this was pretty wild so I asked her about it this morning. She said , WHAT! ARE YOU CRAZY!

Looking out of my forest, my neighbor across the road has a big brown labarador retreiver. This big dog is evidently a puppy who either thinks he is a pony or that the ponies are dogs because he spends a big part of his day playing with the ponies. Those ponies look like they are fed up with him.

Well I will try and get the pictures figured out but have got to do something useful today.



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