Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Blue Max (Road Trip)

Blue Max (Road Trip)
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It's not always fun and games aboard the Blue Max. Today was about 45deg and it reminded me of about this time last year. We were in the process of moving the boat from Texas to Missouri. I had purchased the boat and trailor from a preacher who told me how to put the boat on the trailor. Now who would doubt a man of god. The weather was windy and cold and the water was colder. I got the boat stuck, half on, half off. Well you probably saw this comming, I had to go for a swim. The one thing that I can pass on from the experience is, "If the water temprature is less than your age, DONT!! go in"

Well I said some things about god's represenitive that probably will be on my record. As soon as I dried off I rounded up Popeye and paid him to get er done.

This is not a boat to be on and off the trailor every weekend.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The water temperature theory frightens me as I'll never get to go in at this rate. Oh well, I never learned to swim so it's just as well.

12:16 PM  

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