Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Barn

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I started out this morning with the intention of installing the steel roofing on the upper section. There was a heavy coating of frost and ice so had to change plans. I built the stairs to reach the loft.

I started on this building during the third week in August. I have done all the work myself so it goes pretty slow sometimes.

I had some plans but it was going to be too big. 36 X 60 with a full loft. I cut it back to 36 X 48 with half a loft. It will be more room than I need but I have got a lot of stuff that I cant find right now. The barn is about 250 feet from the house and sets in the woods. When I am not working I can watch nature.

Tomorrow will be about 55 and the ice has melted so the steel is going up. Black on the roof and red on the sides with white trim.



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